What Is UpToDater?

UpToDater is a database change management tool for agile teams. Database change scripts are automatically applied whenever the code associated with the database change is deployed on a server. If you have a large number of database instances, and are deploying new code frequently, UpToDater will make your life much more pleasant.

The framework is intended for Java based projects that rely on Ant or Maven. The service can run as an application listener or servlet (in a web application), or as an MBean.

How Does UpToDater Work?

  1. Write your database update and migration scripts as pure sql files.
  2. When you build your application, include the change files with the app.
  3. When your app is deployed, the UpToDater compares the changes listed in the app with the changes that have been previously applied to the database, and runs any changes that have not yet been applied.

Why Should I Use UpToDater?

UpToDater allows you to embed database changes in your application deployment bundle (EAR or WAR). UpToDater is different from the auto creation facility of your ORM because you specify the exact changes that need to occur; nothing occurs behind the scenes or out of your control. UpToDater also allows you to run data migration queries alongside your DDL update. UpToDater means agility for application developers, and peace of mind and control for DBA's.

With UpToDater, you can always find out what changes have and have not been applied to a database with a simple SQL query.